Lian & Vladimir

We were first time homebuyers and we had no idea how to buy a house in Georgia. We thought about getting a house by ourselves, but our friends suggested that we get an agent. A mutual friend referred Mike and Frank to us. When we looked back, we are so happy we had an agent, and especially to have them working for us. We primarily worked with Mike, but both of them are so friendly, helpful and responsible. We have heard of agents who press the buyers to make an offer or to make a higher offer, but they never pressured us. They even helped us to find out the problems of the houses we were considering. We consider ourselves to be picky buyers because we wanted a nice house in a nice neighborhood and a good location, but we didn¿t want to pay too much for it. Mike and Frank were always patient with us, and helped us to find the perfect home. They helped us with the whole process, I mean, the WHOLE process. They even continued to help us after the closing. It was such a wise decision to have them working for us. They are the agents you want for your next home purchase! --2004 First time home buyer, SNELLVILLE